Bulletin 8/3/2019

//Bulletin 8/3/2019

Bulletin 8/3/2019

Bulletin 8/3/2019

To avoid paying a surcharge under the rules for non payment of membership fees if you have not received your latest bill, not made payment as yet or do not intend to renew your membership please make contact with the membership secretary as soon as possible.  Contact can be made with the membership secretary Dave Oriss by email at membership@hythesailingclub.co.uk.

Please note that if you have a boat at the club you cannot receive your mooring and pound bill until your membership fees have been paid.  This involves a lot of extra work for our volunteers in the roles around membership and moorings.

The committee has agreed a change to rule 7 in the mooring and pound rules. The major amendment is to the time a vessel is allowed to stay in the pound unlaunched. Please see below.

7 Occupation of Cruiser and Dingy Pound Space
7.1 No cruiser or dinghy/boat is authorised to remain ashore for more than 18 months at the club.  If any boat in the dinghy/cruiser pound remains ashore without being launched for more than 18 months it may have its pound allocation withdrawn and where applicable its mooring allocation removed.  After this time the club requires the owner to either apply to the Committee in accordance with rule 7.3 or remove the boat from the dinghy pound or cruiser from the club premises.
7.2 Any cruiser/boat in the dinghy or cruiser pound subject to 7.1 above may be charged the appropriate ‘un-launched’ rate.  ‘Un-launched’ rates shall be published in the schedule of mooring and pound charges and will be agreed by the General Committee.
7.3 The Committee may, at its discretion, waive or relax the provisions of clause 7.1 if notified in writing of special circumstances that prevent the owner launching the boat.  The amount of time extension for rule 7.1 will be a General Committee decision on a case by case basis.
‘Unlaunched’ rates shall be published in the schedule of mooring and pound charges.

Events in brief

  • Sort Club Boats – Saturday 9th March 1000
  • Commodores Fitting Out Dinner – Saturday 16th March 2019 1930 – 2300 (Dress code Black Tie)
  • Pontoons lifted into the creek – Saturday 16th March – 0830
  • New Tractor Familiarisation – Saturday 16th March (after pontoons have been lifted into the creek)
  • Masts re-stepped – Sunday 17th March (see below for more information)
  • Float Pontoons into position Work Party – 20th/21st/22nd of March (see below for more detail)
  • Kayak Club Meeting – Sunday 24th March 1130 – Function Room
  • Dinghy Race Spring 1 – Sunday 24th March 1200
  • Open Dinghy Coaching – Saturday 6th April 1000
  • Open Dinghy Coaching – Sunday 7th April 1100
  • Dinghy Race Spring 2 – Sunday 7th April 1300
  • Dinghy Race Spring 3 – Friday 19th April 1100

Club Security
Recently we have had a couple of incidents where items from the pound have gone missing. When you leave the club please make sure the gate is shut behind you and if it looks like you are the last one into the building lock the doors.
When you are next at the club, check for any missing items. If you see someone you don’t know please speak to them or report it to a committee member.

Mooring and Pound Invoices
This year’s Mooring and Pound invoices have now been sent out. Please make sure you pay on time and if possible by bank transfer using the details on your invoice.  Thank you

Participatory Hours Volunteers Sought Information
For a full list of roles, work parties and participatory areas of the club that members can assist with to complete their 15 hours please follow the link below:


Crane on site pontoons and masts, New Tractor familiarisation
On Saturday 16th March the Crane will be on site to lift the pontoons into the creek.  Volunteers are sought for them to be floated into position and secured on three possible dates the 20th/21st/22nd of March.  If you can assist with this please email Ron Harrison at harrison_ron@btinternet.com or sign up on the participatory board at the club.

Also on the 16th March after the crane is finished on site Tony Benton will be giving a familiarisation to members who are authorised to drive the new large tractor.  Please attend the club to be authorised to drive this new piece of equipment.

On Sunday 17th March the crane will return to step masts for members.  To book your mast to be re-stepped please email c_clague@sky.com.

Pound spaces
Please check your pound spaces and around them to ensure that they are tidy and that there are no hazards.  There will be a lot of members working around there boats in the coming weeks so safety is a concern.

Planks with members names on (balcony floor)
As announced recently there is a current project to replace the balcony decking at the club.  For all members that paid for these planks when the project gets underway these named planks will be available (based on condition) if you want them to collect from the club.

Trailer For Sale

Asking price £350 suitable to take fin or bilge Keel. Seller is Stuart Horobin. Please contact Stuart on 07720864476 or speak to Peter Barnard at the club.

Training Courses Update
FIRST AID COURSE – Saturday 9th March.
We are planning to run a First Aid course on Saturday 9th March at the Club, the cost of the course will be £60 which included the handbook.
VHF Course
We are trying to put together another VHF course in early April have a couple of people signed up already.

Please let me know if you would like to be on these courses or sign up on the list at the Club.  Thanks, Julie. Training@hythesailingclub.co.uk.

This is the link to the spring summer club magazine.





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