Bulletin 22/3/2019

//Bulletin 22/3/2019

Bulletin 22/3/2019

Bulletin 22/3/2019

A club member was recently followed through the gate by a car containing two strangers.  They drove round to the dinghy pound before being asked to leave the site.
Please be vigilant, check who is behind you as you come through the gate, t

Events in brief

  • Kayak Club Meeting – Sunday 24th March 1130 – Function Room
  • Dinghy Race Spring 1 – Sunday 24th March 1200
  • Open Dinghy Coaching – Saturday 6th April 1000
  • Open Dinghy Coaching – Sunday 7th April 1100
  • Dinghy Race Spring 2 – Sunday 7th April 1300
  • Members Get Together with New Members Introduction – Sunday 14th April 1230 in the function room
  • Dinghy Race Spring 3 – Friday 19th April 1100
Kayak Club Meeting 1130 Sunday 24th March
The Kayak Club will have its first meeting on Sunday with a view to speak to members who are interested and what places you would like to Kayak/Paddle board and Canoe to within the dates set in the clubs calendar.  Please ensure that if you are taking part in a canoe, paddle board or Kayak you are competent in there use so that you are safe on the water.
The new Club Kayak has arrived and is on display in the function room and is free to use once the member has shown competence in its use either at an open coaching session or a Kayak Club event.  There is also a Kayak rack available in the dinghy pound for full members to rent a space for the year at the very reasonable cost of £10 per year.  To book a space please email mooringsec@hythesailingclub.co.uk.
We hope to see you there to get your input on the future plans for this section.

Participatory Hours Volunteers Sought Information

Is any one available to OOD for a dinghy race on Sunday 24 March at mid day? If so please sign up using dutyman or contact Eian Massey.

For a full list of roles, work parties and participatory areas of the club that members can assist with to complete their 15 hours please follow the link below:


Cradle for Sale
Well constructed cradle, suitable for bilge keeled yacht, used for one season. Please see Tim Ball for details.

Trailer For Sale
Asking price £350 suitable to take fin or bilge Keel. Seller is Stuart Horobin. Please contact Stuart on 07720864476 or speak to Peter Barnard at the club.

Training Courses Update
VHF Course
We are trying to put together another VHF course in early April have a couple of people signed up already.

Please let me know if you would like to be on these courses or sign up on the list at the Club.  Thanks, Julie. Training@hythesailingclub.co.uk.

This is the link to the spring summer club magazine.


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