Bulletin 18th October 2019

//Bulletin 18th October 2019

Bulletin 18th October 2019

Events in brief:  

  • Saturday 19th October Power Boat Course (Fully Booked)
  • Saturday 19th October Cruiser Race Autumn 6 1445
  • Saturday 19th October Dinghy Race Autumn 6 1500
  • Sunday 20th October Power Boat Course (Fully Booked)
  • Sunday 20th October Radio Sailing 1400
  • Saturday 26th October Open Coaching 0900
  • Saturday 26th October Pound Clean up and Dinghy Pound Re-organisation 1000
  • Sunday 27th October Open Coaching 1000
  • Saturday 27th October Pack up Club Boats 1000
  • Sunday 27th October Pound Clean up and Dinghy Pound Re-organisation 1000
  • Friday 8th November Quiz Night. 20.00
  • Saturday 9th November Cinema Night 1830 – 2300 Please sign up here
  • Friday 22nd November Quiz night. 20.00
  • Saturday 30th November AGM, Awards Ceremony and Free Light Buffet 1500 – 1730 (Crew Members, Temporary Members, Honorary Members, children of Family Members, and Student Members under the age of 18 are welcome to join us after approximately 1600 as per the club rules for non voting membership types)
  • Saturday 7th December Xmas Party 19.30 – 01.00  Please sign up here   Message from John Rushmer, we will be offering a finger buffet for our Xmas party and I would like to hear from you if you can lend a hand with preparing the food for the evening. Tickets cost £5 payable on the night and free for under 16’s. Disco is now all booked. I will be meeting the DJ at the club in a couple of weeks to discuss the evening so if you have any requests please let me know and I will pass on.  We’ve listened to comments from last year’s event and will be keeping the music volume lower so members can talk and catch up.  Music volume will be increased later in the evening for some dancing approximately between 10 pm and 10.30 pm.  There is also a sign up sheet at the club, please add your name as soon as possible to help with planning by selecting the link above or signing up on the main foyer noticeboard.  This event takes a lot of organisation so please help make it a success with your support. Thank you.  John Rushmer.


  • Friday 13th December Quiz Night 20.00
  • Saturday 14th December Christmas Card Competition Prize giving 1300.  If you have a young person entering the competition please sign up here. Enter Competition Here
  • Tuesday 24th December Carols and Mince pies 20.00-22.00
  • Thursday 26th December Commodore at Home 13.00 – 15.00
  • Tuesday 31st December New Years Eve Fancy Dress 70’s, 80’s (Optional) with American Supper 20.00 – 01.00

Children’s Christmas Card Competition This year Sue Mitchell is running a Christmas card design competition for members children and grandchildren.  There will be prizes for the winners of each group and your children’s designs will be used by the club to send to local sailing clubs in December and sell to members in support of the RNLI.  The winning designs will also be awarded with six copies each of their designs on cards to send to their families and friends for Christmas.  The theme of the cards is Nautical Christmas and there are three age groups, Group One: Under 5’s, Group 2: 6-8 years, Group 3: 9-11 years.  Please produce all cards on thin coloured or white card A4 size maximum with the artists name on the back, phone number and age.  There will be a box on the table in the wet room for your children’s entries and the prize giving will take place on Saturday the 14th December at 1300 in the function room.  Closing date for entries is the 30th November. Enter Competition Here

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ.  AGM 2019 Saturday 30TH November 1500. (Crew Members, Temporary Members, Honorary Members, children of Family Members, and Student Members under the age of 18 are not able to join us until after approximately 1600 as per the club rules for non voting membership types)

In line with our rules all the positions below are open for election at this AGM. If you feel you can take an active role in the club management please complete the nomination form from the clubhouse and return it to me with any agenda items you would like to be discussed by 2 November 2019. The agenda for the meeting will be published by 16 November 2019.

Club Officers
Commodore, Rear Commodore Sailing, Rear Commodore House.
Honorary Positions
Hon Secretary, Hon Mooring Secretary, Hon Treasurer, Hon Membership Secretary.
General Committee Positions
Bosun, Mooring Master, Cruiser Representative/Assistant Bosun, Health and Safety Secretary, Dinghy Representative/IT Manager, RYA Principle.

The following rule changes have been proposed and will appear as item 8 on the agenda.

Vote to abolish the joining fee and increase the Admin/Keys Fee to £25
The following rules would have the relevant sentence removed: 4.2.3 – 4.2.4 – 4.2.5 – 4.2.7 – 4.2.12 – 4.2.13 – 4.2.15

Vote to change the participatory hours to 12 (1 per month) also a vote to amend the rules to say that if you do not complete your hours at the end of each year you pay the surcharge.  At the moment this is difficult, unnecessary and controversial to manage.

The current rules state:
4.7.6 Members who declare themselves as participatory and fail to produce evidence of their work  party hours shall be declared as non-participatory for the coming year and be subject to the membership subscription surcharge for both the coming and previous year on their next subscription renewal invoice.

4.7.7  A non-participatory member providing evidence of not less than the time agreed by AGM of work party contributions by the 31st December of the current year shall be entitled to a retrospective refund of the membership surcharge and has the option to declare himself or herself as participatory for the following year.

Removal of 4.7.7 and changing 4.7.6 as below:
4.7.6 Members who declare themselves as participatory and fail to produce evidence of their work party hours shall be charged the annual membership subscription surcharge upon renewal at the end of the year.

Change the rule around number of General Committee meetings per year.  The view being that the current rule is out dated due to the increased use of IT to communicate.
The current rules state:
3.1.2 The Committee shall meet nominally each month on no less than 10 occasions a year to review and manage Club affairs. Committee meetings shall have a quorum of at least 60% of Committee members for binding decisions.

Changing 3.1.2 to as below:
3.1.2 The Committee shall meet as and when required to review and manage Club affairs no less than 8 times per year. Committee meetings shall have a quorum of at least 60% of Committee members for binding decisions.

The AGM this year will be a bit different to incorporate an Awards Ceremony followed by a light buffet funded by the Social Fund.  We hope members will join us to congratulate those receiving awards for their hard work supporting the club and to vote on next years General Committee positions.  The itinerary is below and Crew Members are welcome to join us at approximately 4pm after the main meeting has been completed.

1500 – AGM, 1600 (Approximately) – Awards Ceremony, 1630 – Light Buffet for all members.

If you are interested in being part of the General Committee please complete the form at the link and the current member in that role will be in touch to discuss the role profile, all positions are  open for full members to apply and be voted for at the AGM: http://hythesailingclub.co.uk/?p=5350&preview=true

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ. Trailers in Cruiser Pound Spaces/Dinghies by the creek/Parking in the Cruiser Pound/Boats Left plugged in to mains in the pound. Due to a very successful year of attracting new Cruiser Owning members to the club there is a need to adjust the position of some trailers in the pound this means that Pound Spaces may be moved around to facilitate more space. The club will only move empty trailers, if a boat needs to be moved with a cruiser on the trailer the owner will be contacted to discuss.  Secondly please remove all dinghies from the side of the creek as soon as possible except for those without a pound space in deep water moorings. For those with deep water moorings please check with mooringsec@hythesailingclub.co.uk to find out where your allocated space is.  This is to enable recovery of the pontoons into the creek and then ashore very soon.  With regards to parking in the cruiser pound rows please do not leave your vehicle in the rows if you are not on site due to the large number of cruisers being recovered at this time of year.  Thirdly Cruisers in accordance with the bye laws and for fire safety reasons must not be left plugged into the mains if you are not on site, they must be completely disconnected at the power supply box.  Finally to avoid incidents of foresails unfurling whilst ashore and potentially causing damage to boats please ensure that they are removed for the winter.  Thank you in advance.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ.  Tractor Booking to recover Cruisers. This is a very busy time of year for recovering of cruisers into the pound.  Please ensure that you always phone the tractor driver when you put your name in the book even if the name is already down, this enables clear planning for the date you have chosen.  Also please make sure that all cruisers are put an an angle for storage in your pound space and that no items are left around your trailer on the ground except dinghies under the front or back of your cruiser or storage boxes which are away from the fence.

Pound Cleanup and Dinghy Pound Re-organisation Weekend (Participatory Hours) Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th October On this weekend the Pound Master will be working with members to clean up the pound spaces in the Cruiser Pound.  There is also a plan to clean up and re-organise the Dinghy Pound.  If you have a dinghy that is padlocked please ensure that it is taken off before this weekend to enable the dinghy pound to be cleared.  This plan is to enable more dinghy owners to join the club which is a benefit to us all so please help where you can. To assist with this planned event please sign up at the link: http://hythesailingclub.co.uk/event/pound-clean-up-and-dinghy-pound-reorganization-october-26th-and-27th-2019/

Pontoons Recovery into the Creek between 27th and 31st October and Pontoon Lift Out with the Crane Sunday 3rd November Between the 27th and 31st October 1200 there will be a work party to recover the pontoons into the creek please volunteer if you can assist when the date and time is confirmed.  On the 3rd the pontoons will be recovered onto the shore (likely to be from 9 am time to be confirmed) and help for this would be greatly appreciated, please ensure that your tender is removed from the creek wall by the Sunday 27th October. To help out please attend the club on the day.

Masts taken down Sunday 3rd November The crane will be on site on Sunday 3rd November for masts to be taken down after the pontoons have been recovered from the creek, to request that the crane driver take your mast down please contact Christian Clague at email address c.clague@sky.com

Saturday 9th November Cinema Night 1700 – 2100.  Join us for a new addition to the House Events Calendar this year. We hope to see you there!  Please sign up here

Label Tags With the recent increase in new members and boats we are working hard to make the most of the space we have. One issue is identifying what belongs to who. We have had some self adhesive labels made and we would like all Cruiser, Dinghy, Tender and Kayak owners to label their craft trailers and outboards. By the notice board in the wet area lobby you will find a box with all you need, including hard copy list of members names and Membership numbers, pens, wipes for cleaning, UPVC squares and zip ties for those who don’t or can’t stick labels directly on their craft. Can you please make sure they are visible even when covers are on. Cruiser owners can you also attach one to your cradle or trailer.  All property not marked by the end of October 2019 will be moved and potentially could be treated by the club as abandoned which is something we would like to avoid as a club.  If you have any difficulty in attending the club to complete this please email Dave Wright at commodore@hythesailingclub.co.uk to indicate what property you have at the club and give permission for stickers to be placed on your items.

Volunteers sought for AI, DI and SI In 2020 there will be an opportunity to develop your skills if you wish sponsored by the club to become an Assistant Dinghy Instructor, Dinghy Instructor or Senior Instructor.  In return for the club paying for the training it would be expected that you volunteer to attend and support Open Coaching Events 6 – 8 times a year.  If you would like to take up this opportunity please select the link and fill in the form. http://hythesailingclub.co.uk/?post_type=ai1ec_event&p=5078&preview=true

Day Skipper or Yacht Master theory courses this winter Can you let me know if you would be interested in either of these courses, they will probably be on a Tuesday evening at the club and the cost will be approximately £350 and last between 12 and 16 weeks.  Julierose586@gmail.com

Request from New Club Member. (Trailer Wanted)  New member Richard Atkinson is looking to buy a trailer or borrow a trailer for his 27 foot bilge keel.  Either a platform for the club trailer or a wheeled version.  Please email commodore@hythesailingclub.co.uk if you can assist and the message will be passed on.

New to the Hythe Sailing Club Shop Blazer badges/cap badges/camp blanket badges are now for sale in the shop. They are 9.5 cm (3 and 3/4 inches) in diameter and are of a good robust quality. Selling for £14.50 each. To order please follow the link. http://hythesailingclub.co.uk/product/blazer-badges/

Use of the Club Jetty by Cruisers overnight. Please ensure that you do not use the club Jetty for overnight stays unless it is for an emergency or emergency repairs authorised by a member of the General Committee.  Thank you in advance for your co-operation in this matter and following our club bye-laws.  

For Sale – Classic , Swedish built sailing cruiser with GRP hull , wooden uppers and teak deck

“Baltic Lady”, a Vindo 40, is reluctantly for sail owing to lack of time to sail her. She is a really nice looking boat with a long keel making her exceptionally stable and sea kindly. Her hull is GRP so whilst she has the appearance of a classic there aren’t the risks and maintenance associated with a wooden hull. Her decks are teak and she has wooden uppers and cockpit and has a traditional feel. Being of Swedish origins she is very well built and very sound.
She is 5 berth ( 6 if hammock berth included ) with two cabins , a galley area , chart table and separate heads with a pull out basin . She is powered by a Volvo 2030 engine and has the usual array of instrumentation including radar, and a chart plotter etc.
She is in good order and ready to sail.
I have her on the market with Network Yacht Brokers at Lymington (see link for details  : https://www.networkyachtbrokers.com/boats_for_sale/Vindo_40-04441.html/ ) at £24,450 but am open to reasonable offers below this and will include a tender and trailer within the price.
She is on the left side of the club (looking out to sea) and is the last boat on the left next to the water. If you are interested give me a call and I would be delighted to show you around.

Dave Quirk  Tel 01962 736965


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