Club Charter

Hythe (Southampton) Sailing Club Charter

The General Committee of Hythe (Southampton) Sailing Club has created a charter to define the purpose of the club, and the behaviour expected of its members. This charter is approved by the General Committee, within the frame work of the Club's Rules.

1             Objectives

      To provide a framework for every member of the Club to enjoy the sport of yachting, in whatever capacity and at whatever level the individual desires.

      To ensure that the Club welcomes all types of members and treats them equally.

      To ensure that members of the Club are encouraged to remain with and benefit the Club.

2            Principles and Practices

      The Club welcomes all types of members and relies largely on self-compliance and self-policing. Those who deliberately take unfair advantage of this or behave in an inappropriate manner, either on or off the water, can expect to be brought to account.

      Members must agree to behave and take part in Club activities in compliance with the Club Rules (especially Rule 4.1) and in accordance with accepted standards of a sailing Club. When involved in a genuine dispute, both the parties to the dispute and those deciding the matter will use the established procedures (taking matters to the Flag Officers) for achieving a resolution.

      Foul or abusive language, intimidation, aggressive behaviour, or lack of respect for others and their property will not be tolerated.

      The Flag Officers, Trustees and Committee members of the Club agree to strive to provide a family friendly atmosphere at the Club. This includes encouraging feedback and facilitating the resolution of genuine disputes in a timely and proper manner.

3             Members of the Club should expect:

       To be provided with facilities, as far as reasonably practicable, that are enjoyable, friendly and safe;

       That their fellow members are courteous, and respectful in requiring them to 'undertake' specific tasks/duties that help and benefit the smooth running of the Club.

       Any repeated serious misdemeanour or incident(s) will result in disciplinary proceedings as described in the Club Rules: Rule 4.7.

4              Members are expected:

       To be courteous, tactful, and respectful to their fellow members and officials and to other users of the Club, in accordance with Rule 4.1 of the Club Rules.

       To bring in writing to the attention of the Flag Officers and/or Trustees, details of any grievance, misdemeanour or incident that cannot be resolved amongst said parties, so that the incident can be either resolved by them or at a General Committee meeting.

Abusive or discourteous behaviour will not be tolerated at the Club.


A PDF copy of the Charter can be found by clicking here.