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Wayfarer Dinghy

Pico Dinghy

Fushion Dinghy

Club Boats

The club has a number of sailing dinghies that are available for recreational sailing and racing in club events, including two Wayfarers, nine Picos and two Fushions.

To ensure the safety of club members, their families, guests and crew, and the seaworthiness and protection of club property from damage the below document describes the protocols that will apply to any members using the club owned dinghies.

Club dinghies are available to use by full members at no extra cost (this does not include Crew Membership) when not required for coaching or organised junior activities. Each hire period is for a maximum of 4 hours. (The charge is not applicable to student members). A check sheet must be completed before use and when the boat is returned to shore. These are also available in the wet room at the club. To book a Club Dinghy please see the booking section of the Bulletin.

OOD’s of dinghy racing and those overseeing coaching must ensure that any club dinghy being used is signed out via the bulletin. Crew members cannot use club dinghies unless they are onboard with another member during its use.

All members using club boats must familiarise themselves with the Dinghy Sailing Safety Guide and if racing must submit a Notice to Race form before taking part. These are available to view and print in the members section of the club web site under menu heading Racing.

Please also view the club’s dinghy sailing safety guide.

Dinghy sailing safety guide