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Radio Sailing

During 2018 the Club introduced a Radio Sailing Section to support the more traditional sailing activities available to Club members. This follows the lead of other, and in some cases of very prestigious Yacht Clubs who have recently introduced radio sail boat racing to their activities.

The Club has chosen the Dragon Force (DF) 65 as the class boat. This follows a strict one design format and was developed by three very experienced English model yacht designers and racers. Using a strict one design boat tests the skill of the skipper as opposed to a development class boat such as an International One Metre or Marblehead where costs can escalate for a competitive boat The DF 65 has a worldwide class association with both national and international championship meetings should you wish to go that far.. A number of local clubs also sail the DF 65 so your investment is not solely restricted within HSC.

A basic kit for the DF 65 including radio transmitter and receiver is about £200.00. Used examples are occasionally available on auction sites or through established model yacht clubs.

Racing Radio Sailing Boats

For experienced sailors you will find radio sailing harder than you might expect and being a strict one design boat, competition can be very close. For those who have not been involved in racing it’s a great way to learn the rules and the tactics which are very similar to full size racing whether in dinghies, keel boats or cruisers.

Racing is governed by the RYA Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) the class association rules and our own club sailing instructions. There is an amendment to some of the RYA RRS which can be found in Appendix E of the rule book. We don’t want to be too tide up in rules and regulations and promote this activity as competitive fun, although fair play and good sportsmanship are of paramount importance.

Have a look at the video below to see DF65 racing in action!

Radio Sailing Contact Form

Radio Sailing Contact Form

Getting Involved in Radio Sailing

We sail from the Club in the area between the slipway and Jetty, generally at high tide when weather conditions are favourable. We try and sail at least once a fortnight either around lunchtime on a weekend and/or Wednesday evenings during the summer. These boats are fully waterproof and can handle a surprising amount of choppy water.

Details of forthcoming events are published in the Club bulletin, Facebook pages and by direct e-mail to members of the R S section.

The Radio Section is open to all club members over 8 years of age regardless of membership category although those under 14 will need to be supervised by an adult member.

If you are curious or would like to join us please come along to one of our advertised sessions when you will be able to “have a go” or get in touch with Mike via the contact form.

HSC is not at present a member of the Model Yacht Association. Please read the other documents which will help you get the best from your boat or for general help and advice.

Further Information About Radio Sailing

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